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Holzindustrie Schweighofer: Tomorrow’s Forest plants over 200,000 seedlings in spring 2019

  • 13 forest areas in six counties with a total area of almost 50 hectares will be planted
  • About 160,000 seedlings have been planted since the start of the project
  • One million seedlings are to be planted by 2024

Holzindustrie Schweighofer announced, on International Forests’ Day, that 50 hectares of degraded forest land will be part of this spring’s planting actions, as part of its Tomorrow’s Forest project. A total of 240,000 seedlings of spruce, beech, maple, ash, fir and oak will be used to regenerate these areas.

The planting actions will cover 13 land areas in the counties of Cluj, Satu Mare, Suceava, Harghita, Covasna and Brasov. Also part of the Month of Planting Trees, the initiative is also monitoring and tending to the areas planted in the previous years – one of the objectives it assumed was to monitor and maintain the plantations for a t least three years, so that the seedlings develop a healthy growth.

“We are glad to be back in Dumbravita, Brasov county, where we will plant an additional ten hectares in addition to the ten we planted last year,” said Ionut Apostol, project manager for Tomorrow’s Forest. “That was our first action in 2018 and it is of symbolic value to us. Just as in the previous year, we expect to be joined by kind-hearted volunteers, who are willing to learn as much as they can about the forest. In addition to the technical and environmental components, our project also has an educational component, and the hundreds of young people who take on our challenge each year are as many positive examples of involvement in protecting Romania’s national environment.”

The project was launched in September 2017 in partnership with the Association of Forests Administrators, the Stefan cel Mare University in Suceava and Holzindustrie Schweighofer, in a move of helping private forest owners as well as local administrations nationwide to reforest the forest land areas which experience regeneration difficulties.

The Tomorrow’s Forest project will plant one million seedlings, with the aim of:

  • supporting forest owners who do not have the capabilities to regenerate degraded forests;
  • creating a significant positive impact for local communities, which will actively be involved in the project;
  • substantially contributing to the conservation forest resources, prevent land erosion, land slides and flooding in the respective areas

More than 160,000 seedlings have been planted since the start of the project, on a total area of 40 hectares. Until now, the Tomorrow’s Forest initiative has involved over 1,000 volunteers in its actions, which took place in eight counties nationwide. The project targets private forest land owners all over the country, who can register an area on

About Tomorrow’s Forest
Tomorrow’s Forest is a multiannual, national project, developed by the Association of Forest Administrators and the Stefan cel Mare University in Suceava, with the support of Holzindustrie Schweighofer. The project answers an urgent need to reforest private lands. The forest lands have been restituted in several stages and certain situations have led – in some cases – to forest degradation. There are subsidies for afforestation (forests planted on non-forest land), but nor for reforestation in such areas. The project aims to plant one million seedlings over five years. Maintenance and monitoring works will continue for three years, to assure the reaching of the objective, respectively the successful installation of forest vegetation. More details on

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