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Responsibility for people and the environment

At Holzindustrie Schweighofer, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and community development in our daily work: from transparent and responsible sourcing, green energy production to power our mills through to support for our surrounding environment and communities. We are committed to sustainable growth in our entire organisation and only purchase wood for processing from strictly controlled sources.

Our resource is sustainable and unique.

Our company's century-old tradition in wood processing has forged a deep connection to wood as a raw material. Only a forest that is managed sustainably can meet industry demand. Preserving and fostering this natural resource is therefore one of our uppermost concerns. We take a clear stand in the fight against illegal logging. Our Schweighofer initiative for Romania includes a targeted and comprehensive action plan for a sustainable timber industry and comprises measures that surpass all legal requirements. We insist on a careful use of environmental resources and effective environmental management as an integral part of our economic activity. This fosters innovation and success while ensuring the protection of forests.

Holzindustrie Schweighofer is among the biggest foreign investors in the timber industry in Romania. We have created about 2,700 high-quality jobs, and thus make an important contribution to the long-term economic stimulation and attractiveness of the regions we operate in.

Building trust via strict controls

We only purchase coniferous wood from transparent and secure sources that demonstrably originates from sustainably managed forests. To guarantee this, we undergo regular checks by independent international institutions. Our supply chain standards surpass all legal requirements, providing protection to the forest and full transparency to our customers.

Our purchasing guidelines for wood raw materials is available to the public and can be consulted online.

Too precious to waste

Our processing technology and standards guarantee that the entire log is utilized with no raw material going to waste. By-products such as wood chips and wood shavings are processed into pellets and briquettes for green energy production or are processed further into pulp, paper or particle boards.

Net supplier of sustainable energy

Our mills are powered by green energy that we produce from bark and biomass. However, we produce more energy than our factories consume, making us a net supplier of renewable energy. Thus, in addition to supplying our own plants with energy, we are also able to provide enough green energy to supply a small town.